TC5​.​004 - static weight of the world / noise

by cinchel / nystada



cinchel - After many years recording droney guitar loops and layering them in Ableton I decided to focus on a different way to create music. I found a used monome64 controller and this looping/effect patch called “The Party Van” and set out to make single-take, improv pieces. The idea would be that I do almost no other post processing. My contribution to this split is from this process. I came home on the evening of the 28th of August and recorded some improvisation with an mbira and the looping effects of The Party Van. I cheated a bit and fed the whole final take through heaps of reverb, but did no other layering or editing. It was fun to spend a year forcing myself to make music in a new way, it opening my creativity and worked different parts of my brain that had been mildly dormant.

the gear i used:
mbira, the party van ( ), Valhalla Shimmer VST ( ), monome 64, some other effects...

nystada - Filled with inspiration from visiting a studio in Finland and Alva Noto talks on youtube nystada focused on sound manipulation in summer 2019. Using as less sound sources as possible but creating a huge impact was the goal. Every single track of the "noise" sessions wouldn´t have been possible without each of the others. The allover flow of the sessions combined with experiences made during the production were enormously important in developing the tracks.


released January 31, 2020

All music rights are reserved to the respective artist:

cinchel - all music recorded Aug 28th 2019.

Mastered by Z. Emerson at Doom Trip Records Oct 2019.

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All music by nystada

Mastering byTrium Circulorum

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all rights reserved


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